ABClatino Magazine Year 3 issue 5 - Page 11



By Maria del Rosario Lara

We are being killed. I am from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and the situation of violence the city is facing today still continues to affect me emotionally. The gender violence, which has reached the point of murder, can be considered as one of the multiple forms of national insecurity in which Mexicans live. The murder of the female student of the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez that occurred on April 5th of this year has shocked Ciudad Juarez. This fact is not an isolated one, it is an event that constitutes one more link in the long chain of femicides in Ciudad Juarez. The femicides in Ciudad Juarez began to occur since 1993 according to Humberto Flores’ research: Ciudad Juarez: where women for the fact of being women live in danger of death.

In response to the assassination of their classmate, the college students took the streets to demand justice for her. In the absence of government commitment to solve the cases of murder and lack of measures to prevent this situation, the college students of the Universidad Autonoma de Cidad Juarez organized meetings from April 9th to April 12th to elaborate clear proposals to present them to the corresponding authorities with the intention to solve the situation of violence under which women in Ciduda Juarez are living right now. The students have also claimed that the basic social structures are violent, excluding, and misogynist... KEEP READING HERE