ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 1 - Page 21

Healthcare just got a shot in the arm for underserved Hispanics living in Ulster, Orange and Dutchess counties.

Hoy Health offers quality, affordable healthcare programs and services for individ-uals who don’t have health insurance, including Rx drugs, chronic condition man-agement programs, and telehealth/virtual care.

Hoy Health answers the unmet healthcare needs and limited access to affordable care among Hispanic families. As the fastest growing population in the United States -- accounting for $1.7 trillion in purchasing power -- Hispanics face higher levels of diabetes, hypertension, asthma and obesity than non-Hispanics. They also face a poor track record for early diagnosis and compliance with treatment, which can make medical conditions worse...

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Hoy Health: Innovative Cash-Based

Wellness Solutions Meet Needs of Underserved Hispanic Communities

Author: Mario Anglada

CEO, Hoy Health