ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 1 - Page 15

The Corner of the Arts | January 2019

Elisa Pritzker presents PROA21


"The Corner of the Arts" [La Esquina de las Artes] ©Elisa Pritzker, a renowned Argentinian-American visual artist and independent curator. Questions and/or comments contact her through

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Thanks to an art conversation with Eduardo Almirantearena, Deputy Consul General of the Argentine Consulate in New York, I was aware of the opening of PROA21.

On my current trip to Buenos Aires, I decided to connect with PROA21 to conduct an interview in the form of a casual dialogue with Santiago Bengolea, general project coordinator of PROA21, which is part of the well-known Fundación PROA []

Santiago received me very attentively at the facilities of PROA21 located on Av. Don Pedro de Mendoza 2051 from La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires , a block away from Fundación Proa.

PROA21 is a new physical and virtual platform of contemporary art functioning as a laboratory that proposes an interaction between disciplines and artistic research around specific issues of today.

I invite the audience of ABClatino to watch the video -included in this column- that was taped on the day of my meeting with Santiago to learn about this new vibrant and interesting project of art in the city of Buenos Aires.