ABClatino Magazine Year 3 Issue 1 - Page 13


Safe Neighbors

By Valerie Lenis, Women’s Support Services

Safe Neighbors is a local organization that responds to the needs of Latino families or individuals in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. The group is composed of people eager to help documented and undocumented Latinos. They provide financial, legal, and even emotional support. Their services include money for legal help, translators in court hearings, transportation, and warnings if a legal threat is nearby. Overall, in a crisis, Vecinos Seguros offers a shoulder to lean on for those in need.

Vecinos Seguros is church-affiliated as well. John Carter, the founder and retired rector of St. John’s Church in Salisbury, Connecticut, holds masses and preaches sermons at Trinity Lime Rock Church. Vecinos Seguros and the church work as a network to unite families in need and those willing to help.

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