ABClatino Magazine Year 2 Issue 11 - Page 5

Noviembre/November 2018

Enrique Rob Lunski Ph.D., President

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Today I’m just sharing the request from a loving mother regarding her young daughter in hopes that our followers will step up to the occasion. Please write your suggestions to Thanks!

Last night was hard. Svan came to the realization that she belongs to generation that will reach adulthood too late to save our planet. She is already doing much as a child. She stopped eating meat and fish. She packs her lunch without plastic or any waste.

She rejects the big candy brands of the world that have slave trade in the supply chain. She has few clothing, they are simple and functional. Next, we’ll narrow our clothing purchases to sustainable brands only. The fashion industry is toxic. She is readying herself to become an environmental lawyer, to join the fight for real. Learning that the adult Svan will be too late was overwhelming and scary. So, if you know about any organized efforts powered by gen Z to fight for our beautiful planet let me know. Someone needs to find her people

A girl wants to save our planet, and needs your help


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