ABClatino Magazine Year 2 Issue 11 - Page 11

Mental Health

Autumn and winter time

By Dora Ines Grosso Garcia

Holistic Psychologist

Autumn has a very deep meaning for the human being, autumn is more than a change of climate. Autumn is sowing; the patience is enhanced, the stillness, it is dispossession, detachment, transparency, the leaves fall and the forest becomes light. The human being reflects the ability to let go, to let go and renew, to return to the earth, to the essence, When words fail, desires stop, expectations stop and the soul becomes transparent, it is released.

The winter solstice is the opportunity to tune into the nature of death-rebirth, transformation. Death that is necessary to grow and get rid of old bonds; to die it is necessary to surrender, to let go and to empty oneself. Stop clinging to the past and the future to live in the present.

How the change of season affects Mental Health...

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