ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 7 - July 2017 - Page 5

The human being is born out of the mystery and to the mystery returns after the journey through life. In my case this journey would become, from my thirteenth birthdate, a constant search that made me live at least four lives up to the present.

Today I feel that I am entering my fifth life and I ask myself the same question as at the beginning of the path.

When we are asked what are you? we respond young, student, merchant, father/mother, aviator, etc. That is, we tell what we do. But how different it is when we are asked who we are!

I had answered this question to my satisfaction in my third life and I almost forgot about it; but with the passing of the years and the accumulated experience, I feel again that inner tingle, and I intend to explore who I am again! It is a journey that I hope will lead me, through contact with other human beings, to discover the human being in me and in you.

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