ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 3 - Page 7

By Benjy Bruno

Tutor Advocate of NY State Migrant Education Program


Reflections on Educating Migrant Children

In August, I was hired as a tutor advocate at the Mid-Hudson Migrant Outreach and Education Program. I had applied for the position because of my passion for working with people in general, and specifically, my interest and experience in teaching and tutoring English to immigrants(...)

(...)The obstacles that the children of migrant farm workers face in attaining a level of education comparable to that of their peers are many. In my short time working as a tutor with this program I have already come to realize just how difficult the long process of education can be for these kids.

(...)Long work hours, limited access to resources, and segregated or isolated living conditions are also major obstacles faced by parents desperately trying to support their children’s education...

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