ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 3 - Page 5

In times of adversity we are reminded of the power of Unity among Brothers. These are times of adversity and we Latinos should heed the wise advice of Martin Fierro. And by the way, Pope Francis recited these same words in his address to the United Nations on September 25, 2015.

But, let’s go back to us Latinos living in the USA. All previous immigration waves to this country, Italian, Irish, Polish, German, Greek, Chinese, Eastern European and many more, started at the bottom and through unity in purpose and helping each other they climbed the social and economic ladder.

We Latinos have a tremendous opportunity to succeed in the USA. We are hardworking, tenacious, entrepreneurial, culturally rich, and nothing can stop us if we would just help each other, no matter the country of origin.

It’s time to recognize that we are here to stay and we either succeed together or we drown separately. Please join me and many others in stretching links among brothers.

If you are ready to succeed and help your neighbor succeed as well, write me a note to and let’s meet and work together!!!

Brothers be united

because that is the first law;

Have they a truthful union

any time it may be,

Because if they fight among themselves

they will be devoured by those from outside.

Video completo del mensaje del Papa Francisco a las Naciones Unidas

Full video of Pope Francis at the UN