ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 3 - Page 21

The distance became distance

Time turned into an endless echo

The pain became pain

And my heart made love, vanished from my chest,

and it morphed into pure and hopeless melancholy.

My patience became impatience

My desire became desperation

My reason no longer believes in reasons.

My existence becomes heavy

now I only find my broken heart in it.

I don't know where you went

I cannot find you inside of me anymore, but I don't attempt to find you either.

Destiny came across and complied,

love was not enough

because passion faded away ...

Our wings were cut off and our flight, my dear...

our flight ended

Translated from Spanish: "Nuestro Vuelo terminó"

Maffy Malaver

Our flight ended :"LA MAGIA DE MIS PALABRAS"


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