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Artist Karlos Cárcamo holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Hunter College in New York. He has exhibited his works in the Brooklyn Museum, Museum of the Bronx, MoMA PS1, Museum of the Neighborhood, Museum of Jersey City and the Center of Contemporary Art of Aljira; His work has been reviewed in publications including, Arte in América, New York Times, New York Daily News, and the Village Voice, among other publications.

Through the lens of urban culture

By: The Corner of the Arts | March 2017

Elisa Pritzker

EP. Karlos, in your works you use an abstract language. How do you describe your work?

KC. I describe my work as a formal exploration on the codified language and history of abstract art through a process that combines high and low cultural references. These references come from a variety of diverse sources taken from or as I like to call it “sampled” from modernist art history and urban culture. I use this conceptual approach to create work that re-contextualizes and challenges the constructed nature, history, and drive for purity that is often found in abstract art and specifically that of abstract painting.

EP. Where are you in your career as an artist?

KC. I’d have to say that I’m in mid-career. Having been out of school since 2000. I work with a Lower East Side art gallery called Hionas Gallery who represents my work in New York City.


Elisa Pritzker, artist and independent curator reports for La Voz and for ABClatino /