ABClatino Magazine Year 1, Issue 3 - Page 13

(...) They also informed us that they’ll start with a day followed later in the year by seven days. One day is only the beginning of a series of strikes and boycotts. Later, they’ll hold a seven-day strike. It was notable, the presence of delegates from New York State, who told us that they started in NYC and Upstate and are now organized in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany, Columbia and Dutchess counties, Troy, Buffalo, and the Hudson Valley among other locations.

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Harvest Movement

The Harvest Movement defines itself with this name in honor of thousands of undocumented agricultural workers in the United States, that bring food to our tables and because of the legacy of millions of workers forced into slavery to help grow the richness of this country.

The Harvest Movement was launched in August of 2015, with a training session in Wisconsin; they had their first National Assembly June, 2016 and the second one February, 2017; both in Boston, Massachusetts.

Que es el #BoicotMigrante

What is the #MigrantBoycott