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Love in times of Transition

By Margarita Amada, Teacher Team Leader

As for a great number of individuals, the holiday season is for the migrant agricultural workforce a bitter sweet reality. For a number of agricultural ABCD families and their children, the month of December is not only a time of gratitude and reflection. The month represents as well a time of farewells and separation. Many families are in the middle of planning their trips across the US in search of agricultural work. They are planning their goodbyes to friends, family and the fields of New York State. They might be apprehensive and sad as well as sometimes happy to return to crops and relatives left behind in southern US States like Florida and California.

Today, after a great deal of learning, I recognize this time as a time of transition. I think of the earth, the falling leaves, the changing colors, the dips in temperature and how nature emulates the human heart and its emotions...

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