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Our mission ... Fostering independence by providing car care. At Cars for Neighbors we help low income individuals in Anoka County who are trying to improve their lives. We do this through providing cars or car repair. To improve chances of their long-term success, we provide education on budgeting and car maintenance. This is all achieved through a small organizational structure with many strong and critical partnerships and numerous volunteers. We pull this network together to help neighbors become more self-sufficient, one car at a time. Every individual that receives our services has a unique story, but there are some things they have in common. Employers tend to ask about transportation when hiring or giving promotions. Often clients that come to us are at risk of losing their job or have been denied for advancements in their careers due to lack of reliable transportation. Many have children as well; they would like to offer them opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities for their own growth, and get them to doctor’s appointments without a worry. 2016 objectives ... • • • • • • • • Continue to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan Maintain 6 months operating reserve capital Decrease the number of second repairs on donated cars to 15% Repair 200 cars for clients Donate 24 cars to clients utilizing new eligibily and car condition guidelines Explore a second tier/new service Develop and use new online educational components Review practices used and how they include diverse individuals and perspectives in the mission, solutions, and program 763.717.7755 • Cars for Neighbors • 1201 89th Ave NE, Suite 230 • Blaine, MN 55434 | 2