ABC Newspapers 2018 ACS Reader's Choice - Page 2

Page 2 Special supplement to the Anoka County Shopper • June 6, 2018 PULLTABS DAILY BINGO Wednesday 6 pm & Saturday 7 pm 2018 • Readers’ Choice Thank you VOTERS for voting us BEST Place to Gamble at Majestic Oaks! MEAT RAFFLE Every Wednesday 701 Bunker Lake Blvd. NE Ham Lake - 763-755-2140 PULLTABS DAILY BINGO Tuesday • 6:30pm MEAT RAFFLE Every Tuesday at pm 21383 Ulysses St. East Bethel - 763-434-4682 PULLTABS DAILY BINGO Tues., Thurs., Fri.,- 6pm (Tues. & Fri. All Games $99 Guarantee) Sunday- 4pm 2nd BINGO SESSION at 9pm Fridays • Saturday 2 pm MEAT RAFFLE Every Friday Tues and Friday BINGO 6pm ALL REGULAR GAMES PAY $99 16465 Hwy 65 NE Ham Lake - 763-434-6010 2018 The Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce Charitable Gambling is proud to represent our local businesses and giving back to the community! Ham Lake Chamber of Commerce Lic. #02948