ABC Headstart Annual Report 2013 - 2014 November 2014 - Page 8

Our Community Report Why do we do what we do? Edmonton is a growing and diverse city! In 2013, our city population was over 820,000. Over 41,050 children and youth lived in poverty in metro Edmonton in 2012 with similar numbers in 2013. It takes a village to raise a child – African Proverb Many families we assist are raising more than one child and cannot afford basic supplies, food, shelter, a car to drive or luxuries such as extracurricular activities for their children. (This often makes the acquisition of school supplies, clothes, weather appropriate attire and snacks difficult and paying for school fees and field trips sometimes impossible.) This is why ABC Head Start has been here for 29 years to address these issues, EVERY year, by servicing new children and families that require support. In 2013/2014, we were the largest Head Start program in Edmonton with 13 locations and 26 classrooms. We offered specialized programming 4 half days per week, community connectedness, support groups, bussing and nutritional snacks. We were also here to provide warm smiles, a hot cup of coffee, good conversation and quality resources and information; as we know this type of wrap around support delivery assists in the decrease of poverty related issues, thus enabling sustained family involvement in our thriving Edmonton city. In addition, we also worked closely with our community partners to provide families with food and supply hampers, donations of supplies and a backpack full of summer supplies on our annual Literacy Backpack Day. We hosted family events and activities to promote inclusion and presented at different locations and schools in Edmonton, as well as participated in several community fairs. Our goal has always been and continues to be; increase community awareness of ABC Head Start, by creating meaningful connections. We could not have done all of this, without the help of some wonderful community minded people! 9 Special THANKS to: Mayor Don Iveson for participating in our Literacy Backpack Day Stacey Brotzel for hosting Tapestry 2014 CTV for Tapestry Media Sponsorship Dr. Robert C.P. Westbury- our Honorary Chair for Tapestry 2014 EPCOR for all the volunteers hours packing and delivering backpacks for Literacy Backpack day The many kind supporters who donated tickets to events, sporting activities and other attractions and goods to our families!