ABC Headstart Annual Report 2013 - 2014 November 2014 - Page 14

Volunteer Engagement and Community Response The third pillar of our Vision Statement “every community a strong supporter” underlies the core value of the importance of volunteer and community involvement in ABC Head Start. Volunteers carry the story of our agency, families and children to the larger community. They are the link that brings the community into our program in a unique and meaningful way. ABC Head Start recognizes that community volunteers are an essential component of the work of the agency and that they bring a richness and diversity that would not be there without their involvement. Classroom volunteers, board members, fund raisers and office assistants are just a few areas in which volunteers make their mark. ABC Head Start embraces the integral importance of volunteer inclusion at every level. Management and the Board of Directors considers this importance in both planning and budgeting. Throughout the 2013-2014 program year the total number of hours accumulated by volunteers was 5448. “This program was a great opportunity to share what I know and learn in a very pleasant environment” “I feel this is such a good experience for the children and volunteers, everyone benefits” “I thought ABC Head Start was a wonderful program with an excellent staff. It does an amazing job of helping a demographic in need at such an important stage. Way to go!” “It was fun and worthwhile experience to work with children and contribute to a program that is doing so much for the community.” Thank you to each and every one of you! Staying the Course Winter gets chilly in Edmonton! In December 2014, we will be starting a Christmas Giving Campaign to provide needed winter supplies, winter games and fun activities for those extra cold winter days, to children and their families. In March 2015, we will be the Launch Pad’s Charity of Choice! Please visit their website to find out how you can be involved in helping to support ABC Head Start. Look for us in the community! We will be participating in several community fairs, participating in our city’s annual Homeless Connect and you will also see us at several Job Fairs! We look forward to hosting Tapestry, our 2nd annual ABC Head Start primary fundraiser on May 22, 2015 at the Alberta Aviation Museum. Tickets will be available in spring 2015, on our website. Classroom volunteers donated a total of 3700 hours. We will be actively seeking new 3rd Party Fundraisers! Visit our website to learn how you and your workplace can be a part of our sustainable funding for the future! Non-classroom volunteers contributed 1748 hours, including hours in fundraising activities. At a rate of $15 per hour the monetary value of these volunteer hours would be well over $81,720. The majority of new classroom volunteers continue to be post-secondary students looking for opportunities to expand their learning and experiences. However, we also enjoy the dedication of many long term volunteers. It is apparent from comments made by volunteers throughout the year and on their yearly evaluations that the real joy and reward is from the work itself. Help us open doors for many years to come! In June 2015, ABC Head Start will be hosting our 30th Anniversary Celebration! Our Founder, Aleda Paterson started ABC Head Start with 10 children in 1985 and we have grown exponentially because of her vision. Help us celebrate excellence in early child learning! “An amazing experience” “Since my first day at the site the teacher guided me to a greater understanding of the goals and purposes of the activitie