ABC Headstart Annual Report 2013 - 2014 November 2014 - Page 10

Our 2013-2016 Business Plan Goals Our Strategic Priorities – An Update Expand Head Start programs to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families. zPromote community collaboration to meet the early learning needs of children and families. How did we do? How did we do? • During the 2013-2014 school year, 508 children and families, comprised of 891 parents and caregivers participated in the Head Start program. • We participated in 2 Research projects with E4C Head Start program and Oliver Centre, which focused on kindergarten readiness and assessing early learning programming and early experiences. Both were done in an effort to evaluate our programming and learn more about the needs our children have. • ABC Head Start piloted a Summer Start program at the Mill Woods Campus location from July through August 1 5th, 2014. ABC Head Start families and waitlisted families were given the opportunity to attend this six week pilot program to receive social and emotional supports through the summer months. We provided continued supports to 14 children and 12 additional waitlisted children. • In an effort to provide comprehensive supports, we clustered three of our sites. This allowed us to create Mill Woods Campus. (3 sites in 1 location). This has yielded excellent results for the staff teams and students. • We expanded our program capacity by 82 children. Increase family supports to strengthen child and family well-being, and reduce poverty. • We continue to be a part of the Interagency Head Start Network. • We are a part of the Edmonton HR Cluster, which includes ABC Head Start, Boyle Street, John Howard Society, Norwood Centre, CMHA and Terra Centre. This collaboration provides significant administrative and resource cost reduction. • We participate in many community based professional development opportunities and work collaboratively with our partners to meet the needs of our families. Promote service excellence and accountability. How did we do? How did we do? • Evaluated the effectiveness of family services to increase the well being, advocacy skills and self reliance of families. • We recruited, trained and engaged some of the most outstanding staff in the field and created successful working teams to support our children and families by developing and implementing a new HR model encompassing orientation, training & development, recognition and performance management. • We offered Summer Intake for the first time, in an effort to accommodate families and reduce application processing time. An overview Goal 3: Communities have the resources and capacity to support to support the early learning of children and families. Where are we? ABC Head Start works closely with reputable and diverse community partners to develop and offer best practice resources. Support and promoting family well-being and self-reliance is our goal and we were able to do this by staying connected within our community and by understanding the diverse needs of our families; including multicultural integration, parenting, settlement and employment challenges. Goal 1: Head Start Children are ready for learning and kindergarten, and develop to their fullest potential. We are so proud of our Head Start children and our site staff! Of the children surveyed: 83% were ready for Kindergarten 96% were adjusting to Kindergarten 81% had average or above average skills compared to their peers 73% had average or above average social-emotional skills 76% had average or above average communication skills 88% had average to above average cognitive skills 74% had average to above average pre-literacy skills Goal 4: ABC Head Start is recognized as a Centre of excellence in early learning and family supports. We have recently implemented a new fundraising strategy to achieve sustainable, diversified and flexible funding to meet community children’s needs now and in the future. We created a new marketing plan and fund development framework, which included expanding our social media reach and participating in and hosting fundraisers and events to increase the ABC Head Start profile in the community. Goal 2: Families are healthy, self-reliant and support children in reaching their full potential. Providing family supports is essential to ensuring overall wellbeing and success. We are happy to report: of the families surveyed: We remain well connected to a variety of organizations in Edmonton and maintain these professional partnerships through conversation, professional development, referral services and call to action requests. 99% were satisfied with Head Start 93% indicated greater parenting skills 86% had greater knowledge of family resources 96% indicated they were doing more to help their child develop 95% indicated they have a better understanding of child development 91% stated they felt less stressed • We hosted our first Tapestry fundraiser, launched the Literacy Backpack campaign and secured sustainable funding from a variety of diverse sources. • Continued to provide supports to family and children, including expansion and support groups. • We engaged our community through a Christmas Giving Campaign and promoted our agency through social media and community engagements. 10 11