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AB 203 Unit 2 Assignment Memo to General Motors Click Below Link To Purchase http://www.assignmentpath.com/product/ab-203- unit-2-assignment-memo-to-general-motors General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity Read the vignette “General Motors’ Commitment to Diversity” at the end of Chapter 3. This vignette explores General Motors. Back in the 1980s, valuing diversity was far from the minds of the leadership at General Motors. True, GM had established a program to promote minority-owned dealerships, but there were problems within the company. Women and minorities complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that the carmaker was discriminating against them. In 1984, the EEOC and GM reached a $42.4 million settlement in which GM promised to promote women and minorities into management positions. Since then, the company has never swerved from that effort at inclusiveness. Today GM garners praise as a company that far exceeds legal standards for equal employment opportunity. Directions