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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 90Y ou may know of Pineapple Grove Arts District as a funky little area of Delray Beach, a couple of blocks off Atlantic Avenue. Pineapple Grove is the home of JUHDW UHVWDXUDQWV VKRSV DQG VDORQV %XW KDYH \RX PHW WKH DUWLVWV" 3LQHDSSOH Grove embraces all of the arts including the visual art you see by way of the murals DQG VFXOSWXUHV WKDW GRW WKH DUHD %XW \RX FDQ DOVR ¿QG GDQFH WKHDWUH OLWHUDU\ DQG culinary arts represented here. This series will introduce you to some of the artists that live and work in Pineapple Grove Arts District. MISC Q 7+( $57,676 2) 3,1($33/( *529( { STUDIO 8 MUSIC AND MOVEMENT TO SOOTHE THE SOUL Music is in Jill Palmer’s soul. Not only is Jill an accomplished pianist (she has been a musician since she was 5 years old) she is also a composer. Jill has composed music and released two CDs that have been utilized as music therapy in hospices. This particular vocation started at her grandfather’s hospice in Maryland where the center provided her music to all the patients. She has since offered her CDs to all hospices in Florida. “I just sent them the mu- sic” she exclaimed. Hospice by the Sea was so happy with the effect of the soothing music on their patients that their Board voted to buy CD players for every patient’s room. Jill explains her philosophy, “I call it composing with a purpose. For me, music is something from the heart that resonates with people that need it. It is a good use of music as a medium. Every artist wants to reach out and touch people. It’s a gift, I feel lucky”.Jill operates out of her studio at 200 NE 2nd Avenue (Suite 111) in the CityWalk Building in Pineapple Grove. She always had a dream to have a storefront with a baby grand piano in the window and now she has it. Studio 8 is a place to teach but it is also a venue for other piano players to play and promote their own music. “We have gatherings in the evenings where musicians can try out their music to an appreciative audience.” When asked why she chose Pine- apple Grove she replied “Because I love it! The vibe here is so down to earth, artsy, funky, walkable and not pretentious. Delray Beach is the epitome of an artsy town. Being in Pineapple Grove is a dream come true. In Pineapple Grove you have the feeling of being embraced as an artist.” She returns that embrace by showcasing works from other art- LVWV VXFK DV ÀRUDO GHVLJQHU -RVHSK Roehm and photographers and artists whose works grace the walls of the studio. In keeping with the neighborly feeling of Pineapple Grove Joseph says he plays Jill’s music in his shop across the street.Dance is also a special part of Stu- GLR  -LOO ZKR LV YHU\ PRGHVW ¿QDOO\ DGPLWWHG WKDW VKH LV FHUWL¿HG ZLWK WKH New York City Ballet in addition to being a voting member of the Gram- mys. She plans to bring the famous New York City Ballet Workout to Delray Beach. Jill is the only person LQ )ORULGD WKDW LV FHUWL¿HG ZLWK WKLV FODVVL¿FDWLRQ VR 'HOUD\ ORFDOV ZLOO EH DPRQJ WKH ¿UVW LQ )ORULGD WR H[SHUL - ence this wildly popular workout. Jill is also working on a kid’s ballet program. She was surprised to ¿QG WKDW WKHUH DUH QR EDOOHW FODVVHV available in Delray Beach. She aims to change this! After the birth of her second child in November she will also be offering a Mommy and Me program starting in January 2012. “As a musician I am inspired to be here in Pineapple Grove. Sometimes I come into the Studio at night and open my door and play out into the street for the diners to hear. I do this as part of my love for the Grove.” Studio 8 Piano and Dance Register now for Fall classes Reservations currently being taken for the Fall Semester which runs from August 15th – November 5th www.studio8delray.com www.jillpalmer.com 561-274-2240 200 NE 2nd Avenue Suite 111 Delray Beach, FL 33444JILL PALMER JILL PALMER AT THE BALLET BARRE ( 561)901-6430(561)901-6430 REALTOR®REALTOR® Carol AmazonCarol Amazon www.CarolAmazon.comwww.CarolAmazon.com The # 1Agent for all Century 21 offices on the South East Coast of Florida.*The #1Agent for allCentury 21 offices on the South EastCoast of Florida.* o with a Winning Agent To Get The Results You Want! GGGGGG CENTURY 21 Tenace Realty, Celebrating 30 Years ofExcellence, Since1980 The # 1Company in Palm Beach and Broward. 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