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www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com | September 2011 89 - ALL ANIMALS ARE UP-TO-DATE ON VACCINATIONS AND HEARTWORM TESTED. ADOPTION FEES $110 AND UP. THESE PETS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION 21287 BOCA RIO ROAD, BOCA RATON, FL 561-482-8110 WWW.TRICOUNTYHUMANE.ORG A NO-KILL ANIMAL SHELTER. OPEN TUES - SUN 11 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. WHY IS MY PET AFRAID OF THUNDER AND FIREWORKS? O ur pets have lived with the sounds of thunder and other loud noises forever. Hunting dogs have been exposed WR WKH VRXQG RI JXQUH UHKRXVH dogs to the sound of loud sirens and bells. For thousands of years, our pets have been exposed to the VRXQG RI PXIHUV DQG EDFNUHG engines on cars and trucks and HYHQ UHZRUNV 6R ZK\ DUH RXU SHWV DIIHFWHG WRGD\" Our pets, as well as ourselves, live in a very different and more complex environment today. Un- natural foods and diets, chemical pollutants, drugs and treatments all stress the body and change its chemistry. These chemi- cal interactions, along with the stress they cause, disrupt mineral and hormone balances in the body, causing un-natural and often unpredictable actions by the body. Its all about the bodys balance. This stress is often the cause of many unwanted and unpredict-able behavioral traits. Separation anxiety, excessive barking, fear of loud noises, destructive chewing and potty habits, fear biting and aggression are among the issues that are triggered by these imbal-ances. Of course you have asked this question looking for answers and solutions to these challenges. Many different approaches, from sedative drugs to special training are among the choices usually of-fered. While these give some de-gree of improvement, they dont address the underlying cause.As the organic causes are the toxins, heavy metals, and chemi-cals, we must eliminate them. That means becoming a greener consumer and fur-parent. Elimi-nating toxic cleaning products, un-necessary medications, synthetic pesticides and lawn products is a good starting point. Read the labels and research the ingredients. Check that pet food label as well as most commercial foods that are highly processed containing low quality ingredi- HQWV $ VSHFLHV VSHFLF QDWXUDO whole food diet will provide a natural balance in the body. Now that we are watching whats going into the body, we must also start the process of eliminating these toxins from the body. Yes, we are talking of detox using natural foods like vari- ous natural herbs and plants. In QDWXUH DQLPDOV ZLOO VHHN VSHFLF plants and water sources contain- ing these herbs to self-medicate by instinct. While all this is helpful, we now need to rebalance these min- erals so the body can produce the right hormones at the right time. While we can guess at which minerals, how much and what form, we can use homeopathy to redistribute and direct the miner- als already in the body. There are many products available that are IRUPXODWHG IRU VSHFLF SUREOHPV You see, as we stop adding toxins to your pets body and then remove the toxins that are there, the rebalancing begins. Appropriate whole foods will provide the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients in a form that their body can use naturally. The homeopathic remedies act as directors for moving all the components to balance. While this approach usually does not give immediate cor-rection to the symptom, it does provide natural stress relieving, immune building, long term heal-ing. The problems will disappear. Your pet will be healthier, much calmer and you will be a much happier fur-parent. Bill Piechocki, nutritionist and Dr. Diane Sudduth, DVM co-own Fiesta Pet Deli in Pompano Beach and co- host PetHealthCafe.com radio show. 2XU  \HDUV LQ WKH DQLPDO HOG KDV provided us unparallel vision and information which we pass to our clients daily. We can be reached at www.PetHealthCafe.com or 800-940-7387. PANDORA Lab/Boxer mix. 4 month-old spayed female, 25 lbs. Special needs dog? Who? I hear theres one here but.... wait...me? Nah. I can run and play and be happy as a clam, so it cant be ME. Im Pandora, and they say I have a neurological problem with my hind end. It sometimes fails to follow my front end and I get a little tangled up but I get going again right away, big smile still in place! Did I mention Im just darn adorable, too? Please ask to meet me. I need a loving home so I can love RIGHT BACK AT YOU!MANCHASDalmatian mix. 1 yr. old neutered male, 40 lbs. 3,&. 0( ,P UDULQ WR JR EXW UVW , QHHG VRPHRQH WR fall in love with and adopt me. Im a great guy who lives life LARGE. Ive got tons of energy and I love to play and have fun. Im neutered and housebroken (um....excuuuse me...need a house, though!). Ill be a great companion for older kids and I like other dogs, too. However, no cats please...I like to chase and thy dont appreciate that! In a word, Im CUTE! Get me outta here and into your heart!CANDYYellow Lab mix, 55 lbs. 4.5 year-old spayed female.Well, my name pretty much says it all....Im SWEET! I was rescued by Tri County and I came in here pretty frightened but each day Im learning that there are really nice people here. My trust in the human race is returning and I even love to be hugged and kissed. Think you can provide that as my new family? Ask to meet me. Im housebroken, great with kids and other dogs, and I know how to sit. Im still a little shy but your love will make my tail wag again! ask the petXpert SEND YOUR QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS FOR OUR PETXPERT TO: PETS@ATLANTICAVEMAGAZINE.COM pet pix MISC Q $6. 7+( 3(7;3(57 {