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BellaReinaSpa.com | 815 George Bush Boulevard | Delray Beach, Florida 33483 | 561.404.7670 Peels are used to force the collagen and Z ov } ]o ]Z v l]v ooX v]vP }v Z o v Z Z }( Z oU Z v l]v oo u    ]vi l]vX Zu]o o   (o }}o (} vrP]vP l]v uv PvP .v o]vU ]vloU v }v }X Zu]o o Z  ] }( ]vP]v v v   }u]v}v }( o ]X D} }uu}v  oZ Z} ] Z]Z }l }v Z ( }( Z l]vX 'o}o]U oU uo]U v ]]  }uu}v oZ Z} ]X dZ   (o  ^u}vZo_ }  oU  Z  u]v} ]]}vU v v Z] u]vP oX  Z} ] o] o]o] ] } v  ]v} Z u] oX  ]  o] (} v  Z ] v ]Z vr]o }Xt]Z oZ Z} ]U  ov }( ] v  ]Pv v} }vo (} ( (}o]}vU  o} ]v }u]v}v ]Z v}oU o v o]o] ]X dZ }u]v}v  Z ( (}o]}v } v Z v ]  ]v} Z o }( Z l]vX  o  ]oo  u}o}P][ }8 ]vo]vP dU :vU v WZv}oX Kv } }( }v ] Z }} uZ o]vP } }}  }(  o v Z]v Z l]v ]vP  GU  o}}lX dZ Z]vv Z l]v zBվj@u؂ihxihxiuAhz0ihx1vAu٦3 @ihxAu؁v@=xiAjhuؠxB}A`iiuAjh$xy@@ ؁xz$ihxAu؁u@hx ik hu@iuxh 1@z}@ihxxuzAT1uٱz@ hB؀h @y`Dyhyuz$z2@hpp䀙B|@Ath\xy^1B0 `H ih iu.v0x h00 &%uiyi` Fall 2011 Spa Series Ms. Reagan has an all-embracing background as a Skin Specialist ~Z]vU Dl  v Nail Professional which only adds to her scope of experience in the spa industry as a day spa and hotel spa owner since 1995. She currently owns Bella Reina ^U Z Z oo Z]v ]vo >}o }vU <o W]ooU :vv]( d]U ]v oPvU <v v} :o] ^Z( U www.BellaReinaSpa.com at 815 '}P Z o ]v o ZU 561-404-7670. Follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ oZ^ } }vo} Z iphone app for Bella Reina Spa for v v u}vZo }u}}vX vrP]vP v Zu]o Wo t]l]] .v]}vW  Zu]o o ]  } uv Zv]  } ]u} v u}}Z Z ƚ }( Z (]o l]v ]vP  Zu]o }o}v Z  Z  l]v } o}PZ }+ v voo o }+X dZ Pv l]v ] oo u}}Z v o ]vlo Zv Z }o l]vX dZ Z u Zu]o o ] ]X tZ   Wo v tZ ] ]v  Zu]o Wo