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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 6Living History: Mingle with Delray’s Living Mayors Mark your calendars and buy your tickets for the historic “Mingle with the Mayor’s Event” on October 27 (6:00 -8:30 pm) at the Delray Beach Public Library. The event will feature former mayors Leon Weekes, Doak Campbell III, Tom Lynch, David Schmidt, Jeff Perlman, Rita Ellis DQG FXUUHQW 0D\RU 1HOVRQ 0F'XIΏH )RU - mer Chamber of Commerce President Bill Wood will emcee the event. Library Presi- dent John Burke will host the evening. This is limited seating for this rare event to look back at local history from the mayors who shaped it. Tickets are $50 per SHUVRQ DQG SURFHHGV EHQHΏW WKH 'HOUD\ Beach Public Library. There will be cocktails and an opportu- nity to “mingle with the mayors” during a reception. For tickets and more informa- tion please call 561-266-0755 or email kburmeister@delraybeach.com. Shameless Jewelry Supports Breast Cancer Awareness The popular jewelry line, SHAMELESS, joins the struggle against breast cancer by promoting awareness and encouraging UHVHDUFK WR ΏQGLQJ D FXUH $YDLODEOH ΅DOO year round’, 20% of all sales of the “ Go Pink ” ID Bracelet, with its pink hearts and adjustable chain and retails for $40.00 on the website, will be donated to the Breast Cancer Charities of America, one of the world’s leading breast cancer organiza- tions. Shea Curry, founder and designer of SHAMELESS JEWELRY, is doing her part to promote awareness and encour- age testing, as she feels there can never be ΅WRR PXFKΆ DZDUHQHVV IRU WKLV FRXUDJHRXV cause. “We want to extend ourselves to this cause since it is among the leading is-sues we face today as women. We all have friends, family and co-workers whose lives have been affected by this disease and we ZDQWHG WR GR RXU SDUW LQ ΏQGLQJ D ZD\ WR bring an end to the suffering caused by breast cancer.” www.shamelessjewelry. com City Of Delray Beach Funding Approved for US1 Federal Highway Safety Enhancement Designs Project Expected to Begin in the summer of 2012. The City of Delray Beach re- cently approved additional funding in the amount of $113,400 to support the design work for the US1 Federal Highway Safety Enhancement project. Total design costs for this project are $1,249,885, which is being provided by Delray Be …  ½΄΄)΅ΥΉ₯ΡδI•‘•Ω•±½Α΅•ΉΠ•Ήδ€‘ I€°€)Ρ‘” ₯ΡζÍMΡ½Ι΄]…ѕȁUΡ₯±₯ΡδΥΉ…Ή€)Ρ‘” ₯ΡζÍ]…ѕȁ…ΉM•έ•ΘI•Ή•έ…°…Ή€)I•Α±…•΅•ΉΠΥΉΈUΑ½Έ½΅Α±•Ρ₯½Έ½˜€)Ρ‘”‘•Ν₯Έέ½Ι¬™½ΘΡ‘₯́ΑΙ½©•Π°έ‘₯ €)ΝΡɕэ‘•Μ™Ι½΄M€ΔΑΡ MΡΙ••ΠΉ½ΙΡ ΡΌ€)•½Ι” ΥΝ  ½Υ±•Ω…ɐ°½ΉΝΡΙՍΡ₯½Έ₯Μ€)•αΑ•Ρ•ΡΌ‰•₯Έ₯ΈΝΥ΅΅•Θ€ΘΐΔȁ…Ή€)½΅Α±•Ρ•₯Έ…ΑΑΙ½α₯΅…Ρ•±δ€Δΰ΅½ΉΡ‘ΜΈ Delray Beach Library Calendar of Events – September 2011 CLOSED –Monday, September 5th – Labor Day Thursday, September 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 from 1:00 – 4:30 p.m. – Empowerment Zone presented by Reference Librarian Brian Smith Saturday, September 3, 10, 17 & 24 @ 10:00 a.m. - The Writer’s Studio: Every Saturday morning Contact Josh Truxton 561-736-8044 Wednesday, September 7, 14, 21 & 28 @ 11:30 a.m. – Socrates Cafι – Weekly dis- cussion group presented by Claire Drattell, Don Clare and/or rotating facilitators Thursday, September 8 & 22 @ 10:30 DP ± &UDIW 6HULHV  .QLW ΅1 3XUO SUHVHQWHG by rotating facilitators Monday, September 12 & 26 @ 10:00 a.m. Craft Series – “Quilting Bee” present- { LOCALS ONLY Q ,1 7+( 1(:6 FRQWLQXHG SDJH  BellaReinaSpa.com | 815 George Bush Boulevard | Delray Beach, Florida 33483 | 561.404.7670 Peels are used to force the collagen and šZ oŸv š} Œ΅]o Α]šZ vΑ l]v ooX ‰v]vP }v šZ ‰o v šZ ‰šZ }( šZ ‰oU šZ vΑ l]v oo uΗ ‰‰Œ Œ  ]vi΅Œ l]vX Zu]o ‰o Œ  ΅(΅o š}}o (}Œ vŸrP]vP l]v šŒšuvš šŒPŸvP .v o]vU ΑŒ]vloU v Œ}Αv ‰}šX Zu]o ‰o Zΐ  ΐŒ]šΗ }( ]vPŒ]vš v v   }u]vŸ}v }( ΐŒo ]X D}š }uu}v Œ o‰Z ZΗŒ}ΖΗ ] ΑZ]Z Α}Œl }v šZ ΅Œ( }( šZ l]vX 'oΗ}o]U oŸU uo]U v ]šŒ] Œ }uu}v o‰Z ZΗŒ}ΖΗ ]X dZΗ Œ ΐŒΗ ΅(΅o  ^u}všZoΗ_ }Œ Œ‰ŸŸΐ ‰oU ΅ šZΗ ΅ u]v}Œ ]ŒŒ]šŸ}vU v v Z]ΐ uΜ]vP Œ΅ošX š ZΗŒ}ΖΗ ] ΅Ÿo]Μ o]Ηo] ] š} ‰všŒš ‰Œ ]vš} šZ Œu] oΗŒX š ] Œ ΅Ÿo]Μ (}Œ v  šZ ] ‰všŒš Α]šZ vŸršŒ]o ‰Œ}‰ŒŸXt]šZ o‰Z ZΗŒ}ΖΗ ]U  ov }( ] v  ]Pv v}š }voΗ (}Œ ΅Œ( Ζ(}o]Ÿ}vU ΅š o} ]v }u]vŸ}v Α]šZ ŒŸv}oU oŸ v o]Ηo] ]X dZ }u]vŸ}v ΅ šZ ΅Œ( Ζ(}o]Ÿ}v š} ‰všŒš šZ ξv ] ‰Œ ]vš} šZ oΗŒ }( šZ l]vX ‰Œ ‰o Œ ΐ]oo š Œuš}o}P]š[ }8 ]vo΅]vP dU :vŒU v WZv}oX Kv Α}Œ }( ΅Ÿ}v ] šZš š}} u΅Z ‰o]vP }Œ š}} ‰ }(  ‰o v šZ]v šZ l]v ΅]vP  GšU ‰šΗ o}}lX dZ šZ]vvŒ šZ l]v Œ΅oš ]v šZ šZ Z]PZŒ šZ Œ]l }( ]vi΅ŒΗ  šZ l]v ] ΅vo š} .PZš ]v(Ÿ}vX D}všZoΗ o]PZš ‰o v l‰ šZ l]v o}}l]vP ZošZΗ v o΅u]v}΅ ΑZ]o šŒPŸvP šZ .v o]vU ΑŒ]vlo v ΅v uPX oo Z]v ^‰ }+Œ  &Z ομ9 >Ÿ ] Wo WŒ}PŒuX oo š}Η š} ]v‹΅]Œ v (}Œ Η}΅Œ ‰‰}]všuvšX Fall 2011 Spa Series Ms. Reagan has an all-embracing background as a Skin Specialist ~šZŸ]vU Dl΅‰ ŒŸš v Nail Professional which only adds to her scope of experience in the spa industry as a day spa and hotel spa owner since 1995. She currently owns Bella Reina ^‰U ΑZŒ ZŒ oo Z]v ]vo΅ >}o Œ}ΑvU <Œo WŒŒ]ooU :vv](Œ dŒ]©U ]vΗ oΐPvU <Œšv Œv}Α ˜ :΅o] ^Z(Œ U www.BellaReinaSpa.com at 815 '}ŒP ΅Z oΐ ]v oŒΗ ZU 561-404-7670. Follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/ oŒΗZ^‰ }Œ }Αvo} šZ iphone app for Bella Reina Spa for ΐvš v u}všZoΗ ‰Œ}u}Ÿ}vX vŸrP]vP v Zu]o Wo t]l]‰] .v]Ÿ}vW  Zu]o ‰o ]  }Η šŒšuvš šZv]‹΅ ΅ š} ]u‰Œ}ΐ v u}}šZ šZ šƚ΅Œ }( šZ (]o l]v ΅]vP  Zu]o }o΅Ÿ}v šZš ΅ šZ  l]v š} o}΅PZ }+ v ΐvš΅ooΗ ‰o }+X dZ ŒPvŒš l]v ] ΅΅ooΗ u}}šZŒ v o ΑŒ]vlo šZv šZ }o l]vX dZ΅ šZ šŒu Zu]o ‰o ] Œ]ΐX tZΗ ΅  Wo v tZš ] ]v  Zu]o Wo