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BY DIANE FEEN PHOTO BY MELISSA KORMAN JENNA WEHNER DELRAYS GOLDEN GIRL I I WKHUHV DQ\RQH ZKR XQGHUVWDQGV WKH ROG DGDJH LWV EHWWHU WR JLYH WKDQ UHFHLYH LWV -HQQD :HKQHU 7KH SHWLWH EORQG IURP 'HODZDUH KDV OLYHG LQ 'HOUD\ %HDFK IRU six years and has left an indelible mark on the community and its residents. As the Partnership Director of PLFURJLYLQJFRP :HKQHUV MRE is to connect those in need with those who want to give. Its the perfect adult segue for a woman who has known the value of giving back since her teens. I always knew I wanted to be successful in a way that helped other people. I often put the QHHGV RI RWKHUV DKHDG RI P\VHOI said the petite beauty. 7KDWV EHFDXVH :HKQHU JRW D JOLPSVH RI WKH EHQHWV RI JLYLQJ as a child. Her mother Tracy used to contact local groups to QG RXW LI DQ\RQH ZDV LQ QHHG RI a meal and then anonymously donate the food or deliver it herself. Her father Joe refur- bished homes near the campus of University of Delaware and often sold them at low prices to students in need. ,W ZDV KHU SDUHQWV VHOHVV stance toward giving that set the stage for their daughter to ab- sorb its inherent upliftment. My parents instilled in me that you treat people the way you want to be treated. I grew up in a good IDPLO\ , IHHO YHU\ IRUWXQDWH said the former cheerleader. $QG LQGHHG 0V :HKQHU LV very lucky. She is blessed with outer and inner beauty and a wonderful boyfriend whose vi- sion is to give back to the world that has given so much to him. My boyfriend is John Ferber, the founder of microgiving. He wanted to help people donate money to those in need and yet feel connected to the person or project. He knows a lot of people who need help and are embar- UDVVHG WR DVN So Ferber created the perfect venue that would allow people to connect via the Internet to those who need help. But, it is not just hard luck cases that are able to receive donations. People can sign up on the site for funds if they have a business and need cash, or if they are a musician, OPPDNHU RU LQYHQWRU DQG QHHG QDQFLDO KHOS 7KH\ DUH DVNHG WR donate a percentage of what they raise to a charity, cause or indi- YLGXDO VDLG :HKQHU ZKR KDV been at the helm of this do-good platform for the past two years. If you go to the microgiving. com site you will see that the causes and cases range from medical treatment to loss of a vehicle, animal conservation, helping abducted children, hous- ing needs, and a host of other personal and charitable causes. 7KHUH LV D QRQSURW VHFWLRQ D hardship section and a fundrais- ing section that captures a wide range of options. But the most compelling part of this ingenious giving site is that it is hard to turn a blind eye on the needy who spearhead their cause. All charitable causes and cases are checked for accuracy and authenticity before posted. Microgiving unmasks the impersonal veil that isolates donors from recipients and cultivates organic, life changing UHODWLRQVKLSV :H KDYH DERXW 50,000 supporters from all over who donate out of the goodness RI WKHLU KHDUW VDLG :HKQHU You could say that microgiv- ing is the perfect platform for this young woman who is known around town as someone who JLYHV VHOHVVO\ WR RUJDQL]DWLRQV and friends. Jenna is always trying to make sure everyone has what they need and that theyre happy. She goes above and beyond what is expected, shes DOZD\V WKHUH IRU \RX VDLG JRRG friend Tosha Boshoff. You hear that a lot when men- WLRQLQJ WKH QDPH -HQQD :HKQHU Other adjectives used to describe her are sweetheart, passionate, thoughtful, caring, kind and joy- IXO :KHQ VKH VROG RUWKRSHGLF supplies she created relation- ships built on a genuine concern for the client. And she continues to parlay that gift of heartfelt giving when tending to the needs RI PLFURJLYLQJ :H KDYH HYHQWV three times a year to help launch projects and charitable causes. In January we had a mustache growing contest called Mr. MANuary and we raised almost  IRU SURVWDWH FDQFHU :HKQHU DOVR RZQV WKH ZHEVLWH unrealdeals.com and is working on a new project called Miracle Makers, which is dedicated to helping local children. It is important to keep children and teens busy so they stay out of WURXEOH :H ZLOO KDYH DUW SURM - ects, sporting leagues, tutoring, DQG FRPSXWHU FODVVHV :KHQ QRW ZRUNLQJ ZLWK PL - crogiving (and building, buying DQG VHOOLQJ ZHEVLWHV :HKQHU can be found enjoying the beach and the blue water of Delray Beach with her beau John. She also relishes time spent with her two dogs, Mason (Yorkie) and Layla (Dachshund) and a host of other activities such as traveling, boating, attending rock concerts, planning events and spending time with friends and family. If this young woman seems too good to be true she is. Jenna is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is humble, kind, patient, a great friend and is passionate about microgiv- LQJ VDLG 6DPDQWKD -RKQVHQ owner of The Pet Nanny and Nurse. And the best part, she keeps on moving toward nirvana when it comes to helping others. I have been in the process of spreading awareness of micro- JLYLQJ WR WKH OP DQG PXVLF industry in the Northeast and :HVW Eventually I would like every person to be so connected to mi- crogiving that when they think of raising money they immedi- DWHO\ WXUQ WR XV www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com | September 2011 69