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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 66SPECIAL FEATURE Q //8,6 //21*8(5$6 { LLUIS LLONGUERAS ‘THE DALI OF HAIRDRESSING’ THE BEST SPANISH HAIRDRESSER, EVER! Having known Lluis Llongueras since 1970, I have watched him grow from the hairdressing platform to the world stage. He has more than 100 salons bearing his name around the ZRUOG )RUW\ ¿YH HVWDEOLVKPHQWV LQ WKH PDLQ FLWLHV RI 6SDLQ ¿YH RI WKHP ‘IMAGE Salons’ in large shopping centers) and the remainder in Milan, Geneva, Zurich, Lisbon, Caracas, Montevideo, Santo Domingo, Buenos Aires and Tokyo, plus more than 50 associate salons - franchises - in Spain. :KHQ , ZDV ODVW LQ %DUFHORQD LQ 2003, Lluis took my wife Maxine and I on a trip around the city to see all the Gaudi buildings and gardens, his salons and his studio, located over 3 ÀRRUV 7KLV H[SHULHQFH ZDV OLNH ZDON - ing into a personal museum. There was so much of his other life in this building that was so inspiring and inspirational to my wife Maxine, an artist and fashion designer, and to me, a hairdresser. If it is true that the place of birth and the peculiarities of a country in- ÀXHQFH WKH SHUVRQDOLW\ RI WKH LQGLYLGX - al, then it can be argued that LLUIS LLONGUERAS has inherited nothing but the best his native land has to of- fer. He has directed his artistic talents WR QHZ DQG RWKHU ¿HOGV HQKDQFLQJ KLV prestige as a hairdresser and affording it international prestige.A French magazine recently published the following when making reference to the Llongueras phenom-enon: “In the sixties it was Sassoon, the seventies, Jean Louis David and, in the eighties, Llongueras ... and so it VKDOO FRQWLQXH´ Last September, The Council of WKH ³2UGUH GH OD &KHYDOHULH´ DZDUGHG Lluís Llongueras the “Grand Cross of ,QWHUFRLIIXUH 0RQGLDO´ 7KH DZDUG presented in a ceremony at the Palais de Broignart in Paris, is held by a mere 12 select individuals. Lluís Llongueras is an artist whose genius expresses itself through the media of the woman’s head, working L luis Llongueras Battle is the one of the most artistic hairdressers in the world, and is known not only as the best hairdresser in Spain and one of the country’s greatest sculptors but he is also an author, artist, photographer, entrepreneur and a great businessman, unusual for an artist. BY HAROLD LEIGHTON - WWW.HAROLDLEIGHTON.COM PHOTOS BY JOAN FERRA, TONI VENDELLOS, OLEG COVIAN, LLUIS LLONGUERAS LLUIS LLONGUERAS WITH DALI FORMULA FOR SUCCESSHAIR & MAKEUP BY LLONGUERAS INTPHOTO BY JOAN FERRA