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skill level. :KHQ DSSURDFKHG E\ WKH 3DOP Beach County Sports Commission, the Delray Beach Marketing Co- operative jumped at the chance to host such a powerful and positive HYHQW 7KH '%0& LV FRQ¿GHQW WKDW bringing the EVP to Delray Beach will provide the exposure neces- sary to further solidify the city as a prime destination for vacationers looking for the best beaches and the most exciting events. “This event will bring international exposure for Delray Beach as the event will be broadcast nationally DQG LQWHUQDWLRQDOO\´ VD\V 6DUDK Martin, Executive Director of the DBMC. “The goal is to make a positive economic impact for beachside merchants, restaurants and hotels while expanding the YLVLELOLW\ RI RXU &LW\´ 7KH 6HDJDWH Hotel & Spa, one of Downtown Delray Beach’s most luxurious ho- tel properties, has partnered with the EVP Tour to offer discounted room rates for attendees, staff and competitors. The participa- tion of the Seagate Hotel & Spa is designed to encourage regional travelers to indulge in a weekend retreat, including fun in the sun as you watch or play volleyball, relaxing by the pool or in the spa, H[SHULHQFH ¿QH FXLVLQH LQ RQH RI the Seagate’s popular restaurants and shopping in any of the entic- LQJ ERXWLTXHV RQ WKH JURXQG ÀRRU As the DBMC continues to ex- pand the event landscape Delray residents will continue to see H[SDQGHG SURJUDPPLQJ :KLOH residents and visitors of Delray Beach have come to expect Atlan- tic Avenue as the primary setting for various city events, the DBMC is ready to expand the events to the beach and other locations throughout the City. Events have long since been used as a tool to expose and highlight the elements Delray Beach has to offer. The city’s beaches are a major draw for tourists and this event showcases them in a new light.Register for the coed AA, A & B level tournament online at http://www.evptour.com/tournaments/amateurFor updates and information visit, www.facebook.com/Relax-FLADelray or www.RelaxFLA.com The Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative is a partnership between the City of Delray Beach, the Downtown Development Authority, the Community Redevelopment Agency and the Chamber of Commerce. The DMC’s mission is to attract people to the City, create a positive image and increase awareness of Delray Beach for a positive economic impact through Destination Marketing, marketing programs, special events and community collaboration. For more information contact the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative at 561-279-1380.EVP TOUR 6(37(0%(5   SCHEDULE 8AM 352 0$7&+(6 9AM $0$7(85 5281' 52%,1 12PM 6(59,1* &217(67 2:00 3/$<2))6 %(*,1 3:00 PM :20(16 6(0, ),1$/6 4:00 PM 0(16 6(0, ),1$/6 5:00 PM :20(16 &+$036,216+,36 6:00 PM 0(16 &+$03,216+,36 :::5(/$;)/$&20 :::(937285&20 ZZZ$WODQWLF$YH0DJD]LQHFRP _ 6HSWHEHU  65