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back to health and set it free, but the following summer (in Sussex County, New Jersey) the bird came EDFN DQG VDW RQ P\ VKRXOGHU´ At his parent’s summer cabin in New Jersey, Turner became friends with all types of wildlife. He had a pet deer, a raccoon and developed a tender spot in his heart for birds. As a teenager he made bird houses, ¿[HG FDUV DQG ZDV KLUHG E\ D PDVRQ contactor to mix cement. But to support his four children and wife Rosemary, Turner had to get a real job. So he turned to carpenter work and began building homes and other structures. But he never stopped loving and caring for birds. That is why at the age of 70 Turner still goes to Brenda’s Birds each day to see customers, feed the birds and makes sure that everyone buys the bird that will match their personal- ity and locale. Brenda’s Birds sells birds of all color and size – there are parrots, conures, macaws, cockatoos, cocka- tiels, lovebirds, parakeets, African JUD\V /RULHV FDLTXH ¿QFKHV softbills, peacocks and swans. Grandson Robert Turner IX works there most days as does Bob’s wife Rosemary. The biggest misconception about birds, according to those who own them, is that they have unique personalities and make loving pets. Just ask Broward resident Alanna Carinio. “I rescued a Nanday Con- ure four years ago and then got an African Gray. I love birds; they have the most amazing personalities. They talk to you when you walk in the door and tell you what they ZDQW 7KH\ DUH UHDOO\ QHDW SHWV´ Turner agrees. “People are not aware of how fascinating birds are and how loving they can be. They understand a lot and you can hold WKHP DQG NLVV WKHP WRR´ Come to Brenda’s Birds and ex- perience the wonder of birds. And while you’re there, have a conversa- tion with the birdman himself, Bob Turner. Brenda’s Birds 324 NE Third Ave. Phone: 561-278-5394 www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com | September 2011 61GRANDSON ROBERTGRANDSON ROBERT’S BIRDTHE OWNER BOB TURNERAFRICAN GREY BABY