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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 60SPECIAL FEATURE Q %5(1'$·6 %,5'6 { STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDSBRENDA’S BIRDS IS He’s also the owner, founder and key player at his bird sanctu- ary or bird shop in Delray Beach called Brenda’s Birds. Turner calls it an aviary, but it’s really a stop gap in time devoted to everything bird-like. :KHQ \RX ZDON WKURXJK WKH IURQW gate you might be greeted by a free- spirited Polish Rooster (that looks like Phyllis Diller), a peacock or an animated silky rooster (with a shag hairstyle). But, it doesn’t stop bird lovers from coming to Turner to get a new bird, buy bird food or drop off a lost or wayward bird. That’s because Brenda’s Birds KDV EHHQ D ¿[WXUH LQ 'HOUD\ %HDFK ± and in the hearts and minds of bird lovers for the past 24 years. It’s the perfect place to learn about birds or buy one. Local Delray resident Ginger Rogers stepped into Brenda’s Birds ZLWK D VSHFL¿F PLVVLRQ LQ PLQG “I had a canary and he died four years ago. I am just infatuated with ELUGV´ VDLG 5RJHUV ZKR HQGHG XS buying a Gloster canary who Turner proclaimed is the best singer in the group. :LWK KLV EDFN WR WKH FDQDU\ FDJH Turner knows who is singing at any given time. “If you stand too close WR WKH FDJH WKH\ ZRQ¶W VLQJ´ KH SUR - claims amidst chirping, cooing and squawking from birds of all color and shape in different rooms. Brenda’s Birds also acts as a ho- tel for birds whose parents are away (bird boarding) and sells cages, bird food, knowledge of birds, wing clipping, grooming, bird toys, bird signs and anything else you might need or want to know about birds. Turner’s front aviary where a few birds run free has a cascad- ing waterfall that he made with a 200-year-old stone from Vermont. Inside the caged area are baby swans (perfect for those with a pond or private lake, said Turner), a black turkey and other exotic birds. Nearby are two Cockatoos – an umbrella Cockatoo and a Moluccan (that are smitten with each other) and a red-and-green Macaw.But that’s only a part of this rather large bird shop (or habitat). In the back of the shop is where bird signs are waiting to be printed (you can have a personalized sign made) and where Turner has cre-ated a make-shift water carrier that saves rain water and brings it to the front of the shop where it can be used as drinking water for birds.There is also a section nearby where baby birds are hand fed until they are old enough to fend for themselves. One baby African Gray was laying on his back (as if sick) EXW 7XUQHU VDLG KH¶V ¿QH MXVW ZDLW - ing to be fed. “He spent too much time with his mother, that’s why KH LV GRLQJ WKDW´ VDLG 7XUQHU ZKR could really be called the Bird- man). There is also a cage with an incubator where eggs are hatched and baby birds come through tiny wooden cages that Turner built. If it all seems a bit surreal, it is. That’s because Turner has been tending to birds his whole life. ³:KHQ , ZDV D OLWWOH ER\ , RQFH rescued a wild sparrow. I nursed it Y ou won’t meet too many people like Bob Turner. He can rebuild (or build) a home, make wooden bird toys and play mother to a baby peacock or African Gray bird. BY DIANE FEEN PHOTOS BY MELISSA KORMAN BLACK HEADED CAIQUE