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SPECIAL FEATURE Q :('',1*  3$57 ,, { However, might I just tell you it doesnt zip! Nope. Not even close. Just an FYIthink twice about having a baby and a wedding within months of each other unless you would: A. Prefer to have added stress in your life or B. Dont mind having a couple extra pounds. Now what bride wants that?! Especially being a personal trainer who has trained numerous brides-tobe to get in the best shape RI WKHLU OLYHV IRU WKHLU ELJ GD\ 2SWLRQ B.not an option. If youre looking for PH \RXOO NQRZ ZKHUH WR QG PHLQ the gym. :KDW HOVH KDYH , GRQH EHVLGHV obsess about my too small dress? I met with an awesome furniture rental company who is going to transform the already beautiful Seagate Beach Club into the wedding of my dreams. Think upscale lounge meets new age dining. Fun! I went from searching for a band to hiring a DJ, deciding it would be more preferable for the venue and the vibe we are looking to set for our guests. Im also excited as the DJ is from Brazil, so well be able to have some special beats for our Brazilian guests. Incase you havent JXHVVHG LW \HVP\ DQFp LV %UD]LOLDQ Picking the menu for our small guest list also is proving to be some- what challenging, trying to pick just the perfect foods and treats everyone would most likely enjoy. Speaking of food, Im especially looking forward to our cake tasting in a few weeks! Calories are non-existent on that day, ULJKW" , DOVR IRXQG DQ RIFLDWH ZKR I think will keep the ceremony fun, light-hearted and short and sweet just as we would like it to be. As the wedding details are getting ironed out I have to keep reminding myself: pick out invitations! In all reality, there will EH QR ZHGGLQJ ZLWKRXW WKHP :HOO P\ mom and dad may have gotten some memo along the way! However, all MRNLQJ DVLGH QGLQJ DQ LQYLWDWLRQ LV the next task on my list. I have some idea of what Im looking for but am totally overwhelmed with the vast selection online. I already know Im going to be picky about the invitations, as they will set the overall tone for the wedding. Cant be too casual, cant be too fancy. Another task on my to-do list is to PHHW ZLWK D RULVW ,P VXSHU H[FLWHG about this meeting, as Ill be going GRZQ WKH QRQWUDGLWLRQDO RZHU URXWH Yes, Ill be sharing pictures! By next month I should be well on my way to having all these details ironed out and will hopefully be able to zipper that dress. Stay tuned! A s most brides and brides-to-be know a dress is usually one of the most important DVSHFWV RI D ZHGGLQJ ,Q P\ ODVW EULGDO EORJ , OHIW \RX ZLWK<HV , VDLG <(6 WR WKH GUHVV DQG WDONHG RI KRSHV RI VWLOO ORYLQJ LW PRQWKV DIWHU SLFNLQJ LW RXW  :HOO ,P KDSS\ WR UHSRUW , VWLOO DEVROXWHO\ ORYH WKH GUHVV DQG TXLWH SRVVLEO\ IHOO LQ ORYH with it all over again! Pheww!, huge sigh of relief for this gal. GETTING MARRIED BY ASHLEY SICA PHOTO BY STACY ONELL September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 48 Getting married is one of the most stressful times in a couples life! Join Atlantic Ave as we follow Ashley Sica from the gym 111 through the next few months of her wedding planning - through the nuptials and post honeymoon! Ashley will candidly describe how her big day is unfolding in real life! Atlantic Ave thanks you Ashley, for taking us with you on your wedding adventure! THE SEAGATES PRIVATE BEACH CLUBCLEBER AND ASHLEY