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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 44 ARE YOU SCRUBBING OFF YOUR FACE? BY KRISTIN PATTEN HEALTH & BEAUTY Q $17,$*,1* { :KDW LV WKH WUXWK DERXW H[IROLD - tion? Isnt it kind of our skins job to know when its time to slough off dead cells? Our skin is comprised of multiple layers, including the epidermis and the dermis, which work together to ensure we have healthy skin. The epidermis is the outer layer that is waterproof and protective, while the dermis is the middle layer that provides strength and elasticity. The epidermis is only JRLQJ WR VORXJK RII WKH ROG VNLQ when the dermis is ready to replace it. So, if our skin isnt sloughing appropriately, we may need to look more deeply into why this isnt happening. Our deeper tissue and DNA are the control center for skin function and that includes what happens to the epidermis. The epidermis, as the protective barrier, is part of the complete func-tion of our skin and its important that the epidermis is strong, whole, and healthy so that we are protected from environmental factors, such as UV radiation and toxins. If you are destroying the epidermis through over exfoliation, the normal every day cell functions must stop what they are supposed to be do- ing and instead, focus unnec- essary energy on repairing the epidermis. Since healthy skin starts at the cellular level, wouldnt you rather your cells spend that time and energy on anti-aging functions for the deeper tissue? At the surface level, over exfoliating can also make your pores appear larger because the bodys repair mechanisms will produce extra oil to DFW DV D OOLQ EDUULHU %HLQJ an overly enthusiastic exfo- liator can cause skin challenges both on the outside (epidermis) as well as on the inside (dermis).So, if you are feeling like you need some extra exfoliation what should you do? Most of the time, you should take a look at the products that you are using and make sure that you arent creating LQDPPDWLRQ RU LUULWDWLRQ EHFDXVH the ingredients arent right for your VNLQ W\SH ,UULWDWLRQ DQG LQDPPD - tion will make your body go into a cellular frenzy, as your cells attempt to correct these problems, and this makes you age faster. A good facial (with an instrument, not squeezing) can also help to remove any blocked pores so that you can absorb good products into the proper layer and eliminate any waste. The sloughing off of dead skin cells so that the skin can absorb products is often a main reason people want to exfoliate, so a proper facial will take care of this. Oxy-Infusion can help as well because when properly infused, the reaction of the oxygen in the dermal and subcutaneous tissue allows the entire cellular function to work faster, and this prevents DNA dam- age. The most important thing you can do for your skin, however, is just to have a good understanding of how the skin functions on a cel- lular level . Learning about your skin and how it really functions will enable you to make healthier deci- VLRQV IRU \RXU VNLQ :H DUH PRUH than happy to do a complimentary consultation that will teach you about your individual skin and help you understand healthy skin care and true anti-aging. One thing that is universal is that we all want to delay the aging process as much as possible and healthy skin always looks more youthful. Inappropriate exfoliation can actually cause the aging process to accelerate by allowing more external factors to gain access to your DNA because your deeper cell functions will work to rebuild the HSLGHUPLV :KHQ \RX KDYH KHDOWK\ skin on the inside, the outside will take care of itself. As a forerunner in modern skin care services and anti-aging, Kristin founded Nourishe in Delray Beach and currently heads aesthetic science research and development. Kristins revolutionary approach to DNA repair, her comprehensive research and VWXG\ LQ WKH HOGV RI ELRFKHPLVWU\ and science as well as her extensive training with some of the best profes- sionals in the industry has made her the expert in healing and improving the skin naturally and holistically. Kristin created and holds exclusive rights to over 8 different treatments from DNA Repair and Oxy-Infusion to non-surgical face lifting techniques. Kristin is passionate about educating her clients and is tenacious in her approach to uniquely customize each persons treatments until their skin is the best it can be.T KH QHFHVVLW\ DQG EHQHWV RI H[IROLDWLRQ DUH SURPRWHG HYHU\ZKHUH IURP WHOHYLVLRQ commercials, to magazine ads to promotional pieces for particular products. Scrubs, fruit acids, enzymes, acids and mechanical scrub brushes are extremely SRSXODU DQG VHOO YHU\ ZHOO :H DOO ZDQW WR KDYH VNLQ WKDWV LQ JUHDW FRQGLWLRQ DQG according to most sources, regular exfoliating is one way to get it. But is that the truth?