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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 42 THE UNBEWEAVEABLE TRUTH!! BY PETER DEROSA AND MARK HASCHE W ho doesnt love stalking celebrities? Im not spending my nights in a tree with a pair of binoculars or anything like that, but even if I wanted to, why bother? Chances are my favorite tinseltown hottie already has an army of paparazzi stalking them in far more creative ways than I can think of. Everybody in America wants fame, and failing that, we settle for a glimpse into the lives of our favorite celebs. :H ORRN XS WR WKHP LI RQO\ WKURXJK our secret envy and perhaps because of this envy we seek to emulate them. Celebrities have become trendset- ters in many ways; the inextricable mnage-a-trois between Hollywood, media, and the beauty industry is a great example. A Hollywood celeb shows a hot new look, the media shows it to the public, and the beauty industry races to provide a product that gives people a piece of the action. Of course, since we in the beauty industry can only do so much to give you that undeniable LW IDFWRU ZH OLNH WR IRFXV RQ WKH things were really good at: giving you gorgeous celebrity-grade hair! Celebri- WLHV URXWLQHO\ GHQH DQG UHGHQH themselves with awesome hairstyles, HYROYLQJ WR UHHFW WKH ODWHVW SURGXFWV and techniques available; its no surprise that celebrities have a huge LQXHQFH RQ VDORQ WUHQGV %XW JXHVV what? Many of those luscious locks you envy dont belong to the women who wear them! Thats right, ladies; a lot of those jaw-dropping, too-perfect hairstyles you see on the red carpet are, like so much in Hollywood, a product of aftermarket enhancement. Hair exten- sions have been in the business a long time, but the beauty industry has been slow to embrace them, simply because they used to be totally obvious. Early methods of extension application, some of which (sadly) are still in use today, left no need for people to wonder if that was so-and-sos real hair. Seriously, who would want a mop of obvious fake hair hanging off the back of their head? On top of that, the stress of old-school application techniques, which involved everything from intricate weaves to glue placed directly on the scalp, often damaged the hair, creating potentially severe complications with repeated applica-tions. Only in recent years, as celebs con-fessed to the use of hair extensions, have consumers demanded more from the extension market. Chances are youve seen a number of great hair-styles made possible by extensions, and you didnt know it. Conversely, if somebody is showing off their extensions and you can tell they have extensions, you can bet their stylist is living in the past. Our stylists, and many others in our area use cutting-edge techniques that not only leave the extension concealed to the most discerning eye, but can be removed and reapplied countless times without damaging your real hair. Platinum Seamless, our exclusive provider of extensions and the pioneer of the most cutting-edge applica-tion processes, uses only the highest grades of real human hair; meaning, once your extensions are applied, you wash, care for, and style them just as you would your own hair.Its a common misconception that the sole purpose of extensions is to H[WHQG WKH KDLU  WR PDNH LW ORQJHU True enough, we do give people longer hair, although Im not talking about swinging-on-a-pole long (which is not easy to do I might add) but extensions are also used for many other reasons. :RPHQ ZLWK VKRUW KDLU FKRRVH H[WHQ - sions to provide fullness or extra body to their look without changing the overall length of the hair. Also, women who experience thinning of the hair DV WKH\ DJH XVH KDLU H[WHQVLRQV WR OO out their hair for a younger look. Or maybe your hair is short now, and you dont want to wait for it to grow out to get the look you want. No need to grow out that Posh Spice cut for the next three months when you could have Beyonces hair today! So keep extensions in mind next time you see a Hollywood hairs [H[H[ WR PDNH \RXU RZQ DQG LI \RX QG yourself craving more of the celebrity lifestyle after we put them in for you, remember - I can always have my staff chase you out to your car on your way out done. Until next time Divos out!!! Mark Hasche and Peter DeRosa, stylists and owners of the new PeterMark Salon in Delray Beach, have a combined total of over twenty years of professional hairstyling experience, primarily in South Florida. They have served numerous celebrity clients, appeared on several TV shows, are both nationally and internationally trained, and travel the country intermittently throughout the year to teach a variety of classes to other professional stylists. Before coming to Delray Beach, they owned and operated a highly successful hair salon in the Pompano beach area for over nine years. PeterMark Salon is located at 12 NE 4th Avenue, Delray Beach, Fl. 561-265-6763. Follow us on twitter @petermarksalon, and facebook at PeterMark SalonHEALTH & BEAUTY Q +$,5 {