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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 40HEALTH & BEAUTY Q '(50$72/2*< { BLOOD GROWS HAIR? REALITY CHECK! BY THOMAS C. BALSHI, MD R e-growing hair for men and women using one’s platelets to stimulate follicular stem FHOOV LV 12: DYDLODEOH Dr. Balshi with other research physicians / scientists has ex- plored a completely new method to stimulate hair growth. The procedure demonstrates that platelet rich plasma ( PRP ) may actually wake up dormant stem cells (located in the base of hair follicles). This has the poten- tial to become the next major breakthrough in treating hair loss and re-growing thinning hair. Dermatologists and the entire hair care industry are extremely excited by its potential to help MEN and WOMEN with their hair loss or hair thinning conditions. Physicians state that PRP or ³SODWHOHW ULFK SODVPD´ PDGH after centrifuging blood from a single blood draw) may indeed be the “best medical treatment for hair loss since Rogaine and 3URSHFLD´ H[FHSW WKLV GRHVQ¶W require hair transplant surgery DQG WKH ³JRRGV´ DUH DOUHDG\ within you. This therapeutic method for growing healthy new hair is similar (conceptually) to fertil- izing the front yard. Not unlike an aerating a golf course. After the scalp is numb using a small amount of local Lidocaine, microscopic holes are painlessly created with what’s called a derma-roller. The “fertilizer” if you will (in this case PRP) is then put into action to bring new life and oxygen rich nutri-ents to the resting and dormant hair follicles and the follicular stem cells that live there. Over the next few weeks hair begins to re-grow. Blood is made from red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells :%&  DQG SODWHOHWV 3ODWH - lets, when activated in the body (usually by injury or trauma) exude an abundant release of healing proteins called growth factors . These growth factors have a multitude of responsibili- ties. One growth factor is called (VDGF) vascular derived growth factor; it is THE growth factor responsible for the growth of QHZ EORRG YHVVHOV :KHQ RQH LV injured or cut, it’s the platelet that is responsible for carrying out the magic of wound healing. Platelets bring new life, new blood supply and new cells to the area of injury, seemingly with ease, to complete- ly repair any defect. If one uses a derma-roller on the scalp to create microscopic areas of trauma followed by the deliberate introduction of a powerfully high concentration of platelets, to deliver the growth factors necessary to create a new vascular supply for the hair follicles are delivered, and the potential for new hair growth is impressive. :LWK D QHZ YDVFXODU VXSSO\ WR the hair follicles and an increase in circulation, the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrition to the hair follicles is tremendously increased. Hairs are woken up! 7KH ³,I \RX IHHG LW LW ZLOO JURZ´ DQDORJ\ KDV EHHQ YHUL¿HG E\ ¿YH different independent interna- tional clinical trials ongoing in the United States, Canada, Italy and Japan. PRP (platelet rich plasma), helps to increase circulation to the hair follicles, stimulates the follicles to grow, and will even thicken the hair shafts. This has long been the real goal of Rogaine and Propecia. Now you can do it on your own with a little help from your platelets. Dr. Balshi will be pleased to assist you with his sound dermatologic experience. Call 561-272-6000 to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Balshi. Nourish your scalp with ¿QHVW QDWXUDO JURZWK IDFWRUV DQG enrichment treatments that are now available without surgery. Dr. Thomas C. Balshi 2605 West Atlantic Ave. 561-272-6000 VRXWKÁGHUPFRP www.balshimd.com “FOLLICULAR BIOLOGIC THERAPY” OR NON-SURGICAL REGENERATIVE HAIR GROWTH THE SCIENCE BEHIND HOW IT WORKS: