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September 2011 | www.AtlanticAveMagazine.com 14 BY DARIEN ARDEN N ow that Delray Beach is a rising star in the art, culture and social scene, it might VHHP D OLWWOH GLIFXOW WR QG DIIRUGDEOH DFWLYLWLHV VKRSV RU UHVWDXUDQWV , DP KHUH to prove you wrong. Delray Beach offers a mix of high-end boutiques with laid- back restaurants, and events for the whole family or nightclubs for night owls. Here is what you can do in Delray Beach in September for $50 or less. { LOCALS ONLY Q '(/5$< 81'(5  G o extreme or go home. September is National Shameless Promotion Month and even though you should always be your own #1 Fan, you can head to the beach for a refresher course if youve fallen out of routine. The EVP Tour Event is held September 17 and is where Extreme Volleyball Professionals come to Delray %HDFK IRU WKH UVW WLPH WR FRPSHWH DJDLQVW each other. There is no way these athletes can get through this event unless they believe in themselves, so you can learn a thing or two while you gaze upon the victors. Held from 9 am to 12 pm on the beach near the Seagate Beach Club, you can pull up a beach chair and apply the SPF 100 because its about to get all hot and steamy up in here. This is an all-new beachside event featuring top players so you are sure to see some spikes, blocks and tight shorts. Profes- sional and amateur matches will si- multaneously take place on 10 volleyball courts set up on Delray Beachs public beach so eve Y[H܈H[[dHX\[YYYHYH[Y[\[[ۈۈH\ˈ[ MJH KLL ܈\]˙۝ۙ[^XXX H܈˙]\H܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ Y es, we all think that improvement can be measured in pounds lost or money gained, but how about an improve- PHQW WKDW ZLOO EHQHW \RXU RYHUDOO EHLQJ" September is National Self Improvement Month so gather some of your friends be- cause you are heading to the sand. However, you wont need your yellow polka dot bikini and tanning lotion because instead of sitting at the beach getting a tan you are going to be participating in the worlds largest one day volunteer effort to clean up the marine en- vironment. You guessed it folks, its Coastal Clean Up Day and its coming to a beach near you September 24. Hosted by the City of Delray Beach and Sandoway House Nature Center, the Clean Up is from 8 am to 10 am and offers community service hours, as well as a deep-down feel good feeling. And since \RXOO EH RQ WKH EHDFK DOUHDG\ RQ WKLV QH Saturday morning, why dont you hang out for the day and enjoy the beach you helped to clean? You may also visit the Sandoway House Nature Center and be a part of the Shark Feeding (not literally) at 10:30 am, or just peruse among the Hawaiian shark tooth weapons, the shark fossil dig, and see more than 80 shark and ray jaws! The Sandoway House Nature Center is located at 142 S. Ocean Blvd. so make sure you check in for the Clean Up here so you can get your supplies and head to the beach. If you want to visit the Center after, admission is only $4 so bring a couple bills to see the gills. Call (561) 274-7263 or visit www.sando- wayhouse.org for more information. B each, balls, battlestar galactica. Sep- tember 1-7 is the happy, excited home of International Enthusiasm Week and, to make matters better, the 25th An- nual Labor Day Police Challenge is stopping by for a battle on the beach. Just a friendly little challenge, no? Gather your beach gear because instead of just going to the beach this Labor Day for some tan lines and hot dogs, youre going because you can get tan lines while eating hotdogs and watching hawt dogs. The 25th Annual Labor Day Police Challenge is an annual contest between the police departments of Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach and is sure to bring some serves (the good kind). The chal- lenges begin at 12 pm and there is an award ceremony at Bostons on the Beach at 3 pm so wake up from your muscle daydream and saunter across the street for some cold brew DPRQJ 'HOUD\V QHVW 7KH\ DUH FRPSHWLQJ for trophies, cash prizes, and, most impor- tantly, bragging rights, so you never know what could happen after the Chief is crowned. Bring your cooler and your enthusiastic atti- tude to Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Boulevard because today is going to be an explosion of police gusto. Bostons is located at 40 S. Ocean Blvd. Call (561) 276-9657 for more information. I said its great to be a Del-ray res-i-dent! (Sing it with me, people!) The Downtown Development Authoritys Oh So Local theme continues through September and oh glory, glory us. As if you needed another reason to have an impromptu luncheon along the Avenue with your friends, you now have a great excuse because you get to participate in the local happenings in your favorite city. Atlantic Avenue stores, boutiques, eateries and galleries are giving you the VIP treat- ment this month by offering discounts on services and goods. Its like Christmas in September. Its being thanked for just being