A4L Community Newsletter - December 2016 A4L Newsletter - December 2016

NEWSLETTER | Issue 34 1 / NEWSLETTER December 2016 IT’S TIME TO FOCUS ON USING DATA TO IMPACT LEARNING… Increased Ownership, Resources to Match? by Larry Fruth II, PhD – Executive Director / CEO I am not a betting man. I do love watching people enjoy betting but being a safe educator it was never for me. I would have, however, bet large sums about 4 years ago when I began telling people that the shift from federal to more state and local oversight of education was going to occur. I have a small group of “think tank” friends who I love to discuss various education topics and the group includes two ex-state education chiefs. I have asked both of them, who’s agencies staffing were down up to 45%, if they would “ramp up” staffing or “pass along” oversight to Local Education Agencies (LEA). They both loudly exclaimed pass it on! So with the passage of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in the US this is now a reality. As US states develop their accountability plans, LEAs who may have had little input into those plans are going to be leaned on to deliver education system outcomes. The first question I get from LEAs when we have this conversation is “Will more resources come our way then?” That I am not willing to bet on... So that means we all need to come together to help support the LEAs in and around the A4L Community. The North American Management Board 2 years ago determined that our core support needs to focus on LEA pain points – so we were already a bit ahead of this curve. I hope you see some of this support in this newsletter. Vinson Consulting has been kind enough to give A4L Members no charge access to their newest publication The K12 CIO: Fall Issue. The Student Data Privacy Consortium has privacy contract wording, an application registry tool and effective practice sharing. All of these are designed to give that specific LEA support. Think of it as a holiday present to our LEA brethren – Cheers! IN THIS ISSUE Global Community News Keeping you informed of the global Community activities, including: latest SIF Infrastructure Specification release; Certification News; Student Data Privacy Consortium: Supporting ‘on the ground and tactical’ work; investing in our Community; and the A4LCommunity: Committed to supporting ed tech standards…, no matter where they originate! Page 2 AU Community News An overview of the recent AU Annual Meeting & Community Day; update on NAPLAN; and congratulations to the recently elected 20162017 Board Members! Page 6 NA Community News 2017 Annual Meeting – register now!; update on the Green Schools initiative and Energy Management; nominations open for the NA 2017 Elections!; and it’s not too late to sign up for one of our sponsorship opportunities. Page 8 UK Community News Update on the Department for Education Data Exchange project. Page 11