A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 19 - Page 12

spring forth from the union of a rat and a royal?" Th e crowd of Lords and Ladies seemed quite shocked at the sentiment. Perhaps they were confused as to whether they should agree with so high an earl and accept that the mayors and baronets in my family were too lowly born. Perhaps they were mayors and baronets themselves and were afraid of being outed? And perhaps they could still recognize a snob when they saw one? "And yet," he continued, “my heart isn't so hardened against the Bride that I forget the Bridegroom. Vile heir to that vile family that enslaved my noble lineage, allowing weeds to grow around the throne and bar my ascent. Villainous family, second only to that traitor James the First—“ (Aunt quite had a fi t at the condemnation of the monarchy!) “—who killed my brother there before my very eyes. I have come to claim my own! Alread 䁥́Yѽɥ́ͽ)չȁ䁑ɬܰ́͡ݕ́ͽѡ)٥ɅѱɕݹѡՕ)ɔ͕ͼȁѼɥ́)ͥиQ䁡ٔɽ)͕ЁԁAɍ䁑1Օ٥ԁ$)ܰԁ$͡ɽ䁅Ёѡɔ)Q́݅́ѱѽ)хѕ̰ͼ$չ͡ѡѡݽх)ɽ䁉ՕЁչЁѡمɔ)Aɍ䁑ɕ܁́ݽɐQمɔɕ)ɬܰ͡хЁɕѥ)ѡ́͡Ʌݽٕ́Ѽȁѕ)չѥɥ̰ͥѥѡȁ́)ѡݸչȁѡȁ٥̸́)QՕ́Ѽ)Iѡٕɥɕѱեєٕȁѡ