A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 16 - Page 10

him as he gazed over a rock. Th e yak crouched down, too. Percy and the Mayor claimed they saw a fi gure walking through the snow on the opposite mountainside, but I saw nothing but drifting snow. One wonders if they weren't seeing patterns of their own invention as one does when one stares at wallpaper for too long. Before the fi nal turn into the camp, the guide directed our attention to a bear trap that had been sprung. He talked about it for some time, and when he was satisfi ed we had heard enough, he led us on to the site. And what a site it was! I have no idea if the yak came up here before us, bearing all these loads, but the most regal tent \HXY][[\YYH]Z]Y\\HHXY\BZY][Hݙ[Y\XۚXHH[B][[[[HH\]؛HXZB][HX\YYH\[]B\H\HۛH[[H\^XY\HۙH]ۙHوHYHY[H[ H\Hۙ]HZYK[HY[]H[\[HY\YH\ H\\H[Z[X\]HX^[܋]H]H\œ]Z]H[YH[YHYX[\X[ [H[XHۜY\\[B[]\Hۙݚ[K܈H]Hܛۂ[ XX]XZ[Y [H\ZY[BۈH[Z[\K]Y[YY\HXX[]YY^H[YHY[[ۙH[[BH\Y[ۙH[[\]H[X[XوY]\X[[[[\Z[YB]^H\[HYHHH\K][HX\YYH][[ܙB\[]H\H\ۛHۙHY[B[ [ۛH] ]H[\HY]YYHH ^HH]؛HXZ]\]H[]\YSو\\[IYYBH[YH[\]HHZ\ZHB[HH^Z[YY []X]ܘ][˜XܛH[[[X[^H[˜]YHXX QTVH HQTHHQQSH[H]Z]HH[YX[\BY^H\[ HYHH]B\Z[YX][H[ܙ[K[^B\ܙY]]HZ\Y]X\\Y[HY[^HX\Y[[\\H]HY[\Z[YH\]\YK][šHXZ\YHY[YH[[\YY H]]YKۈHۙHوYYK[XYYHH\ۈ\[ˈBYYH\[Y\HܚY H\B[Y\H]\ܘ\YX\H]\B\ۈY[[ۙY][\HY\˂[HH\]^H܈H[XZ[]H\Y[H\YY\š\[[[\Y[KHۜY^\[]HX]H\H]\ܚ]\[][\ۘ[[HH\\˜ۘ\Y]\X\ X[]\ˈ]\HH[H\YHX]^\[[HZY^H]H\H\YBوH[ۋY[HZY \\YܝXH^H]HYH[\ۋH[[HZYJBH\]ZX]H\]X[و[B^\Y[Y[ۜ\[\H]H]\ۛۈ[[ۙH]HHX\\XY[BXHو[\H\XZH\[YH\[[Y\ܛ܈H^\H\ۛHH\ &H]H\ӓB[][ˈH\[ܙK[\\[[YKYY^KH[\HH]B[H^H]\][ˈH][[Y[HYH[H܂YH[\[YK܈\]HX[{!X[ۏ[H]\\ݙOHYY[[[B[\\و\\[[]K[[Y[x%]HY]\[وݙKX^XHB[]HZYY][ۙ\