A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 14 - Page 23

n i t v n I ation T IPS F OR L ADY M ONSTER H UNTERS NO. 13 When t r av e l l i n g in foreign lands you may fi nd that you have the chance to meet handsome travelers with similar interests who are on similar journeys and would like to join you. However, it is always a woman's prerogative to refuse an invitation from a man. Say a lady is waiting for a certain handsome stranger to off er his services, but the only person willing to join the hunt is the wrong one. Should a lady refuse the off er of the wrong one hoping for the right one, only to discover the right one never asks and she loses her chance altogether? No. She should keep her options open and say, "Th ank you very much, Bevin, but I am not quite certain if I will be available to ensorcel that renegade blood orphan tomorrow evening. I hope you shall ask me again soon." A lady is never required to make a detailed explanation as to why she declines a man's invitation , and this technique keeps her options open.