a pet's life magazine Winter 2015 - Page 28

kids WHAT IN THE WORLD? Hey kids – believe it or not, these are all real animals – can you figure out which is which? A __ 1. This goofy looking bird can be found TARSIER in Central and South America and feeds at B night on flying insects. __ 2. This scary looking creature has TUFTED DEER adhesive scales under their fingers and toes that let them move through the trees. C __ 3. This goofy looking animal uses its long fingers to pull grubs out of trees in its home in Madagascar. PANGOLIN D __ 4. Though it looks like a dinosaur, this mammal has a skin covering that is made of the same material as your fingernails. POTOO __ 5. These nocturnal primates are the E actual inspiration for Yoda from the Star Wars movies LEAF TAILED GECKO __ 6. This vicious looking animal is actually F very timid and mysterious and eats mostly grasses and some fruit. 1. D, 2. E, 3. F, 4. C, 5. A, 6. B 28 apetslifemagazine.com | WINTER 2015 ANSWERS: AYE-AYE