a pet's life magazine Winter 2015 - Page 23

snap off the wall plate while we were gone. For a while, we could not figure out what was happening. We went through eight or nine wall plates! apl: Any special locations or activities your pet enjoys? Maxwell KJB: They love any pet store, of course! Rollo is a great shopper. He stops and sniffs everything but will not put anything into his mouth. apl: Any other stories you would like to share? KJB: We had borrowed a book about cheese from a friend who clearly loved the book and wanted it back. Rollo and/or Maxwell ripped the cover and first pages off of it one night when we were gone. (They never do anything bad when we are home!) We discovered to our horror that the book was signed! Karen emailed the author’s agent and begged for a new signed copy. I put pictures of both dogs and explained that while they look adorable they are actually horrible. The author was so kind. She signed two books for us, “I knew dogs loved cheese, but cheese books? Who knew!” Rollo apetslifemagazine.com | WINTER 2015 23