a pet's life magazine Summer 2017 - Page 7

RABBITS The ears of a rabbit act as a temperature control mechanism, so misting your rabbit’s ears will help cool the blood down from cool air around the ear. You can also direct a fan at their cage and partially cover it with a damp towel to create a cooling effect. HORSES Providing shade, misting, fans, cool water and an electrolyte source are all great ways to prevent your horse from overheating and keep them properly hydrated. A simple pinch test can determine whether a horse is dehydrated because of heat. Del Dogs & Cats TAIL-WAGGING AMENITIES & PURR-FECT INDULGENCES ENJOY YAPPY HOUR ON THE SUN DECK EVERY SUNDAY FROM 4-5PM For families and guests traveling with their four-legged, furry friends, The Del happily welcomes pets to the oceanfront resort with open paws. We’ve got all the goodies to pamper your pet. HOTELDEL.COM • BEACHVILLAGEATTHEDEL.COM • 855.540.1730 apetslife magazine.com | SUMMER 2017 7