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Allergy therapy is testing is customized used as a to the diagnostic individual aide to help dog while decide which taking client allergens and patient should be Skin Allergy Testing included in the serum, it does not provide a diagnosis for AD. Dogs without AD can show multiple positive reactions on skin and serum testing. The process of desensitization is geared toward gradually exposing our patients to increasing concentrations of the allergens they had positive reactions to, with the hope that their immune system will stop recognizing these allergens as foreign invaders. Successful needs into account. Most literature supports 60-75% success rate when used in the correct context. It can take few months or even a few years to reap the full benefits of ASIT. Overall success rate is often higher when started earlier in life. There is an art to managing these patients, and treatment often requires more than ASIT alone. For more information: www.vshsd.com apl ance h C d n o c e S e's Dog Rescu List Disabled Stella Dobby We believe all dogs deserve a second chance especially those with medical needs. Meet Dobby & Stella - two of our star players. Due to pending surgeries they have found themselves on the bench this season. Second Chance Dog Rescue is dedicated to getting them back into the game quickly, but we need your help - please consider a tax deductible donation in their honor at www.secondchancedogrescue.org! Fostering a dog isn't a lifetime commitment, it's a commitment to saving a life! Be a lifesaver - learn how you can become a foster! www.secondchancedogrescue.org | 619.721.3647 apetslife magazine.com | SUMMER 2017 23