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modalities, Traditional Chinese Medicine, rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and mobility aides. apl : What inspired you to open Into the Sunset? Viv - I had owned Peaceful Paws for 5 years and dealt with grief and loss daily. We had a beautiful Chocolate Lab, by the name of Lily. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 5. She survived exactly one year with aggressive, comprehensive cancer treatment. Before Lily died, I was an emotional owner colliding with a clinical veterinarian. I lived in a constant state of anxiety and was hyper vigilant to any changes. When we finally euthanized her, I felt the weight of the world off my shoulders. We both concluded that if we struggled this much and dealt with death and dying daily, what must people without experience or resources feel. Into the Sunset is meant to be a safe environment where a family can walk a journey with compassionate veterinary professionals guiding them every step of the way. June and Jax apl : What advice would you give to pet owners after a difficult personal experience of losing their pet? Grief is as individual as your DNA. No two people will grieve in the same way. I recommend surrounding yourself with people that understand the human-animal bond. I also suggest setting up a memory table in a focal point of your home. Photos, bowls, toys, collars, the urn etc. can be placed on the table and helps alleviate. You may also memorialize them with a special urn, memorial jewelry or artwork. apl : What are the funniest things that your pets do? Sarit- Vivianne plays hide and seek with Jax, our 1 year old Burmilla. They take turns chasing each other and hiding behind doors. We call our cats Jax and June “twinsies” because they are always together and even walk in unison around the house. Ziggy a 10-year-old “doodle” mix has a special two-legged dance when a treat is coming his way and Olivia an 8-year-old Brussels Griffon leaves “presents” for Sarit in his shoe, bathroom scale or work bag if she perceives being wronged by her dad. apl www.intothesunsetpet.com www.willowvetcenter.com apetslife magazine.com | SUMMER 2017 11