a pet's life magazine Summer 2017 - Page 10

COVER STORY Vivianne and Sarit with Olivia Sarit Dhupa and Vivianne Villanueva Dhupa P assionate about animals and our San Diego community, Vivianne Villanueva Dhupa and Sarit Dhupa have devoted their lives in helping animals and their owners live life to the fullest. apl : What inspired both of you to get into the pet industry? Sarit - I come from a family of physicians, I am the 42nd Doctor in my family! My decision to pursue animal medicine was largely based on childhood experiences with animals as I was born and raised in Africa. Viv - I am an only child and grew up surrounded by animals. They provided company and a lesson in compassion. When I lost a 17-year- old cat, I found out that instead of being cremated, my cat was sent to a rendering 10 apetslife magazine.com | facility. Sarit encouraged me to start my own pet cremation company, Peaceful Paws where we assist families to cope with their loss. apl : Willow Center offers a wide variety of therapies and devices for pets struggling with pain and mobility. How can an owner know which therapy serves their pet best? Sarit - Willow Center was created as an extension to traditional veterinary care. Based on over 20 years of treating pain and mobility cases, I saw the need. Treatments include allopathic SUMMER 2017