a pet's life magazine Summer 2015 - Page 19

• If your pet will be exposed to the sun (especially dogs with light-colored skin and short coats), apply a pet sunscreen product to them to prevent sunburn. Staying At Home • On especially warm days, limit outdoor activities to morning or evening hours when it is cooler. On very warm summer days, leaving your pet at home in the comfort of air conditioning or ceiling fans makes great sense. It is best to leave them at home while your family enjoys local fireworks this summer. • Remember that streets, sidewalks and even beach sand absorb heat from the sun. The intensified heat can potentially burn your dog’s footpads. While we like to bring our pets along with us, be practical and responsible in your decision-making. Always put your pet’s comfort and safety first. Happy Summer with Your Pets! About David David Zeligson formerly owned a San Diego-based pet care business. As a lifelong animal lover, today he is the proud parent to Lucy and Ethel, two adorable 15-year old Shih Tzus. apetslifemagazine.com | SUMMER 2015 19