a pet's life magazine Summer 2015 - Page 10

cover story Meet Maria Delgado With Buddy and Zephyra Buddy a pet’s life: What pets are currently part of your family? Maria Delgado: We currently own Buddy, our black English Labrador Retriever who was a present for my daughter on her 7th birthday and Zephyra, our Bengal cat who was a gift from a friend. apl: What factors in your personal lives were important in selecting your pet? MD: My husband had owned a black lab many years ago and he had fond memories of him. Labs are known to 10 apetslifemagazine.com | be great family dogs and Buddy came highly recommended! We read about Bengal cats and were intrigued by their beauty and personalities. apl: How did your pets adjust to your family? MD: Buddy always wanted to please us and adjusted to our family with ease. Zephyra was an indoor cat for the first year of her life but once she started getting very rambunctious, I started to bring her outside while I was gardening and she would stay by my side. SUMMER 2015