A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 97

DECOR INSPIRATION It’s hard to pinpoint an exact influence or theme because we went into this without having a specific idea of what we wanted. We just knew what we liked and what we didn’t like. It was important for us to keep things elegant for the dinner but sultry for the after party. Our friends and loved ones were coming from all corners of the Earth for our big day so we needed it to not only be ‘above-and-beyond’ special, but also to really represent who we are. So instead of approaching wedding planning with specific ideas, our main focus was getting the exact team we wanted on the wedding. This ended up being the single most important decision because the event planners really got to know us. Vincenzo Dasconio and his team delivered exactly what we wanted while letting his imagination run wild.  perfect wedding magazine.com 95