A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 87

HONEYMOON We took a train from Florence to Rapallo, on the Ligurian Coast in Northern Italy. We stayed at the Tigullio Royal Hotel, right on the harbor. Next we flew from Genova to Naples and spent 5 nights in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It was truly the most romantic place on earth. We stayed at Le Agavi Hotel, a short shuttle ride or 20 minute walk into the center of Positano. We spent two blissful days at the beach in Positano, chartered a boat to Capri for the day and hired a driver to take us to Ravello, the tiny mountain town nearby which is majestic and offers wonderful ceramics. I highly recommend using Rainbow Private Tours and Transfers to take you from the airport to Positano or any of the towns on the Amalfi Coast. You can also hire them for private day tours. The food was beyond incredible, whether pizza on the beach or lobster pasta, it was perfection. THEIR ADVICE Think X][H[Y[\[[\Y[^H[]]\[ۈ[[HHH[YK۸&]][\[Z[H܈[\Y[XYK[[BYH\Hܘ^H[HY[\]^H[][x%HXYH[YHۛ[B]]]\YZ[][]\]H\[HY[[\x&Y]\Y] ]HYHX\\[ۈ܈\^K][[\\[ۋH[\[YH[YXK\H[[X^[Y[[\^H[XZHH][]X\\B[H\[ۈX\]ˈ[\\Y]Y]^H][\X[B[Y\[^[Y]^HۈXˈ[[H[Y[X\]H[و]\][H]H[۸&]X]\[H\H][X\HHݙHو[\YH[]8&\]ܙX]\HXYX[Y[[ܚY\˂\XY[XY^[KB