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P ERFECT L OVE that it was actually less expensive to rent a real castle outside of Florence, than it was to rent a ballroom downtown Chicago or a vineyard in Malibu. There are so many villas and castles in Europe that you can actually spend less on the venue, compared to getting married in a popular or urban spot in the US. We also wanted our wedding to displace the guests and give everyone the chance to relax for a few days, and a destination wedding does just that. Plus you have the chance to make it last for a few days instead of a few hours. We had four events over three days: a cooking class, private wine tour in Chianti, rehearsal dinner and of course, the wedding at Castello Vincigliata. DECOR INSPIRATION Once we found the venue, that helped a lot in deciding the theme and style. For a castle in the Tuscan countryside, we wanted the wedding to feel like a whim- sical fairytale, with warm, romantic colors, so we chose tangerine and gold with touches of greenery. Instagram and pinterest were an amazing way to see what others had done, in Italy and beyond, and pick and choose what felt right for our style. 84 Perfect Wedding Magazine A New Era / Spring 2017