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Jewellery & Engagement Ring: Gail Jewellers HIS LOOK Theory Tuxedo Shoes: Cole Haan Patent Leather HOW THEY MET In late summer of 2009, Lindsay found herself somewhere she thought she’d never be… working in a cubicle. The universe generally guided her in the right direction, but coming off a difficult breakup, life felt incredibly out of balance and she could not understand what this mundane detour of a desk job could possibly offer her. As she drove to the marketing gig at POM Wonderful one morning, she called her mom to lament. “Lindsay Lou, you just might meet your future husband at this job,” her mom exclaimed. “Yeah right, everyone’s either old, married with kids! I have no idea why I’m here.” Just two weeks later Lindsay was introduced to David from RMG – the “web guy”. Lindsay was quite surprised when she started receiving flirtatious emails from David at work, suggest- ing they should have drinks. His curious digital banter piqued her interest and she played along… for weeks, until finally she got sick of waiting F&P6VBWB( "f&RvR"&RvRBfrG&3( Ч6R6B&6fW"FRv&BvFRvV"RRWVBW B6V7W&VB&FFW"BG&2ऄU"vvR&&vP6W3&新"66W76&W36&֖r6&ƖPW&fV7BvVFFrvR6У