A NEW ERA - Spring 2017 Perfect Wedding Magazine PWSpring2017 - Page 80

P ERFECT L OVE DECOR INSPIRATION The groom, Matthew, was more keen on a modern décor. In order to marry the two, Tracey took control of the ballroom aesthetics, while Matthew had a large voice in the ceremony room. The ceremony room had a light, airy, romantic feel with an abundance of candles leading towards a square mirrored boxed-framed chuppah with a mélange of clear glass cylinders filled with white pillar candles on the crown. HONEYMOON Tracey and Matthew honeymooned in Australia and New Zealand for a mix of relaxation and adventure! This locale is “Highly recommend!”, states Tracey. THEIR ADVICE Be as organized and honest as possible. Make sure everyone is aware of what needs to be done, the timeline and deadlines, each person’s responsibilities and the overall budget. Having no surprises and everyone on the same page is key. MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT The more memorable moment for us both was the reveal. After taking the morning to get ready and spend quality time with our bridesmaids/groomsmen and parents, the most exciting moment was upon us… when he would see me (as his bride) for the first time. Matthew had no idea what the dress looked like and even though I was in love with it I was hoping he would be too. When he turned around and saw me on top of the staircase he couldn’t keep his composure. He was hunched over in emotion and sobbing. I knew I had picked the right dress. In that moment everything became surreal, all the stress from planning dissipated and it was just pure emotions of happiness, excitement, and love. d 78 Perfect Wedding Magazine A New Era / Spring 2017